T-Mobile's 2008 BlackBerry Roadmap Leaked - Javelin and 8220

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T-Mobile might not have the widest selection of phones, but they do have a certain love for BlackBerry that you can't deny. BlackBerryNews has the leaked roadmap of the BlackBerries T-Mobile is carrying for the rest of the year, which includes new colors for the Pearl, the 8220 and the Javelin. BBNews notes that all these phones will have at least OS 4.5, with the Javelin going all the way up to 4.6.1. No BlackBerry Bold though, unfortunately, as that's an AT&T-only deal for the near future. As a side note, the 8220 might also be called the BlackBerry Pearl 8220, seeing as they love the Pearl branding. [BlackBerry News]

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