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T-Mobile's One Plan Becomes Magenta, Complicates Netflix Bonus

Illustration for article titled T-Mobiles One Plan Becomes Magenta, Complicates Netflix Bonus
Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

The U.S. government continues to mull over T-Mobile’s potential merger with Sprint, that hasn’t stopped T-Mobile from giving its most popular phone plan a new name and a few added benefits, but at the expense of a bit more complexity.


Today, T-Mobile is introducing Magenta and Magenta Plus which looks to replace its existing T-Mobile One and One Plus plans, and includes all the same features as before with three new additions. The first big change is that unlike the base T-Mobile One plan, Magenta will now include 3GB of 4G LTE hot spot data for free, with any hot spot data usage above 3GB reverting to 3G speeds. Previously, in order to get included high-speed hot spot data tethering, T-Mobile customers had to upgrade to the more expensive One Plus plan, which cost an extra $15 a month for one line, or $10 a month per line for accounts with two or more lines.

Second, for customers who have been taking advantage of T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” program that gave free Netflix subscriptions to T-Mobile One customers, Magenta is making that deal a bit more complicated. Because of the Netflix price increase scheduled to take effect later this summer, Magenta will include a Netflix Basic sub, which unlike Netflix Standard sub that was previously included, is limited to streaming video in standard definition rather than full HD.


Meanwhile, existing T-Mobile One customers with Netflix on Us will start seeing a $2 a month surcharge for their Netflix Standard subscriptions to account for the Netflix’s increased prices. If you’re not keen on shelling out any extra dough, T-Mobile says customers on its One Plan can avoid those fees by disabling Netflix on Us or switching to Magenta before July in downgrading to Netflix Basic.

Finally, to help entice more users to switch to Magenta, starting on June 2nd, T-Mobile is also instituting a new discount system that will allow customers on other carriers to bring over discounts when they sign up for a new T-Mobile plan. Discounts will be available in $5 increments ($5, $10, or $15 off) with savings topping out at up to $15 dollars for a single line or up to $30 for accounts with two or more lines.

Eligible discounts include any corporate, affiliate, military, or senior services discounts, though to get the deal, you’ll need to bring your latest bill from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint to a T-Mobile retail store to get it verified. There’s also a new deal that will give customers up to $900 off a second device after buying a new phone and adding a new line to their account.

All in all, T-Mobile’s new plan seems like a relatively straightforward upgrade to its old One plans while doubling down on the company’s love of pink. That said, for a plan whose main appeal was centered around the simplicity of rolling taxes and extra fees into a single flat rate, the added complication due to Netflix’s price hike is somewhat unfortunate.


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Oh man, the day they take away my (grandfathered) $30/5gb/unlimited texts/100min I’m going to break down in tears. I’ve had it for the past 6+ years, and in that time the 4g coverage from T-Mobile has gone from really bare to almost universal. My speeds went from ~8mbps (HSPA+!) to 70mbps (LTE+). I’ve gotten two years of free subscriptions, roughly $100 in free VUDU movies, a free year of Pandora+, etc.

And over that time period I’ve saved $3,600 over my old $80/month plan.  It’s insane.