T-Pain Betrays Auto-Tune

In a Machiavellian move of tech backstabbery, T-Pain has sworn off the use of Auto-Tune in favor of his own branded "T-Pain Effect" modulator. Will it be as good? His tones, as dulcet? Will he still buy you a drank?

That doesn't matter! T-Pain is a traitor. Antares Audio Technologies' Auto-Tune software made him, and he, in turn, made Auto-Tune a household term—to the extent that lots of people already just call it "the T-Pain effect." Auto-Tune and Pain were like Starsky and Hutch. Like eating a ripe plum. Like being in love with a stripper. But now the official T-Pain effect will be provided by iZotope. Screw you, iZotope! He's sprung and I'm bummed. But remember: you can rob us of the old T-Pain's magic voice, but in the end, I Am T-Pain. [Village Voice, Photo: Getty/Kevin Winter]


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