Report: Some Crypto Enthusiasts Are Increasingly Worried About Getting Robbed in Person

Despite periodic crashes in the cryptocurrency markets, digital currency keeps on moving out of its formerly niche space and affecting the real world in unpredictable ways. Bitcoin-mining operations are now set to gobble more electricity than domestic residential consumption in Iceland, major credit card providers are …


Wait, It Turns Out KodakCoin Is Not the Only Crypto Trick Kodak Has Up Its Sleeve

Yesterday, camera manufacturer Kodak‚ÄĒwhose stock was previously hovering around $3.10 a share‚ÄĒannounced that it was forming its own cryptocurrency, an ambiguously blockchain-based project called ‚ÄúKodakCoin.‚ÄĚ As has happened with a number of smaller stocks, Kodak‚Äôs stock immediately skyrocketed as soon as the words‚Ķ

Hooters Investor Whispers ‚ÄėBlockchain‚Äô and Its Parent Company‚Äôs Stock Soars 50 Percent [Correction]

Chanticleer Holdings, which owns nine¬†Hooters restaurants and other regional burger chains like Little Big Burger, announced today that it was putting its loyalty programs on the blockchain. And just like other companies that have recently issued press releases with the word ‚Äúblockchain,‚ÄĚ its stock price shot through‚Ķ