Swarms of Satellites That Surf the Solar Wind Could Be the Future of Asteroid Mining

Asteroid miningā€”which may be necessary to get the human species off its only rockā€”has inched closer to reality over the last few years. Last week, asteroid mining groups joined with scientists at the European Planetary Science Congress 2017 (EPSC2017) hosted in Riga, Latvia, to present some key findings of the currentā€¦

Does a Time Capsule Blasted Into Space Have a Better Chance at Surviving 100 Years? (Updated)

To help celebrate the schoolā€™s 200-year anniversary, students at the University of Michigan have decided to build a time capsule. Boring, right? Not exactly. Instead of burying it, which would inevitably lead to its contents rotting away, the students want to blast it into space where it will orbit the earth for 100ā€¦