A Rare Behind the Scenes Look at Disney World's Most Advanced Audio-Animatronic Character

A lot of us are still scratching our heads over Disney’s decision to spend millions of dollars building Pandora—The World of Avatar in its Animal Kingdom park, especially with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening so soon. But at least the themed area, which is celebrating its one year anniversary, led to the creation of…

Scientists Didn't Invent a Star Trek 'Cloaking Device,' But What They Did Is Still Neat

Several news outlets have claimed that scientists have created a “cloaking device” like those seen on Star Trek, but that’s not quite what happened. The cloaking devices on Star Trek bend light to render an object invisible, and the new device merely deflects sound. The technology also isn’t so new, as others are…

Operators of VerrĂĽckt, World's Largest Water Slide, Charged in 2016 Death of 10-Year-Old Rider

A grand jury in Wyandotte County, Kansas has returned an indictment against waterpark and resort operator Schlitterbahn and one of its managers, charging them with “involuntary manslaughter, aggravated battery, and reckless endangerment of a child” over the 2016 death-by-decapitation of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on the…

Why the Drinking Bird Toy Is Actually a Brilliant Piece of Thermodynamic Engineering

At some point in your life you’ve almost certainly marveled at the classic drinking bird toy, and probably lost a few brain cells trying to figure out how it works. Don’t be ashamed if you never successfully unravelled the science, though, as engineerguy Bill Hammack explains, even Einstein apparently couldn’t crack it

Guy Builds a Self-Powered Driving Potato That Turns Out to Be a Better Pet Than a Cat

We’ve all seen the grade school science experiment where sticking a couple of electrodes into a potato produces enough current to power a small light bulb. But engineer Marek Baczynski took that experiment several steps further, building what could be the world’s first autonomous potato—and the ultimate housepet.