Tom Kartsotis made a fortune by tapping into a sense of nostalgia with Fossil watches, and has now created a new

The startup world is renowned for its unique workplace culture, buzzwords and weird pitches. Now, a new book details

Long-running Star Wars podcast TheForceCast is closing down. Run by for a decade, the podcast has been a

We really dig translated science fiction, and fortunately, it seems as though there’s a whole bunch of new books being

1950s America relied on a greater share of renewable energy than the present day. The reason for that was that the

It’s one of the most iconic film props of all time: the Maltese Falcon. For years, collectors have sought them out, but

Bill Watterson has been notoriously reluctant to license his famous comic, Calvin and Hobbes. So when an artist began

Science fiction has been huge this year with books like Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson and movies like The Martian. NPR

Ray Bradbury has long said that his education came from libraries. It’s fitting then, that the Carnegie Library in

Our biggest planet in the solar system is also one of the best: it’s got crazy weather systems, it’s probably saved

In 2014, the King County Library system of Seattle distributed over 21 million items between 48 branches. As library


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