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Take Awesome Pinhole Photos With This $40 Micro Four Thirds Lens

Illustration for article titled Take Awesome Pinhole Photos With This $40 Micro Four Thirds Lens

OK, the Pinwide might not be a micro four thirds lens so much as its a cap, but its end function is the same: it allows you to take pretty looking, wide angle shots of objects through a tiny aperture.


In addition to its super wide 11 mm lens (equivalent to 22 mm on most DSLRs), the Pinwide cap has an infinite depth-of-range thanks to its f/96-f/128 aperture range, which snaps into your camera body the same way a lens would, and can lead to some very interesting shots (so say its makers). And its only $40, so it's not like you have to take out a second (or maybe first) mortgage to pay for this thing. [Wanderlust via Gadget Lab]

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Everyone is quick to say "make your own" or something similar using a $3 lens cap, a sharpie, needle, and a piece of tin. You can do this but you also end up taking a risk when doing it with a digital camera. When using a pinhole "lens" it usually means that you will have to adjust the shutter speed to something a bit longer than normal to compensate for the small aperture. What that means is that you will basically be leaving the sensor exposed to the environment while you are taking the picture. There is no barrier between the sensor and the outside world leaving it vulnerable to dust. When you buy certain pinhole "lenses", not the case here, they use some kind of medium to prevent dust from entering the camera, or some other protective measure to help reduce the possibility of dust entering the camera.