The folks over at Insignificant Fish Industries run a popular Etsy shop selling geeky merchandise like glowing arcade coin slot belt buckles. But they also just teased this wonderful Han Solo blaster flask on their website that is sure to make them overnight millionaires if they ever start selling it.

It looks like a perfect replica of Han’s trusty sidearm, but the blaster secretly holds 4.4-ounces of your favorite contraband. And the silver barrel? That unscrews and becomes a 1.5-ounce glass so you can take the first shot, and then the second, and then the third...


There’s no official word on whether or not IF Industries is even legally allowed to sell these flasks, even if they wanted to. But it’s not like Disney or Lucasfilm are particularly discerning with what either company approves, and this is just too awesome to say no to. [IF Industries via That’s Nerdalicious]

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