Talented Lego Customizer Recreates Iron Man's Vast Suit Collection Using Minifigs

Photo by Minh Pham

It’s hard to nail down an exact number, but based on the comics and movies, Tony Stark has created somewhere between 46 to 52 different Iron Man suits. Lego customizer Minh Pham has flawlessly recreated 24 of them by painstakingly modifying and customizing Lego Minifigs.

Photo by Minh Pham

Pham even recreated Tony Stark’s armory, hidden beneath his mansion, complete with his workshop at the bottom surrounded by some of his more massive creations. Hopefully we can convince Pham to post his creation to Lego Ideas so the rest of us have a chance to own this comprehensive set one day, since few of us have his customization skills.

[Flickr - Minh Pham via The Brothers Brick]

Photo by Minh Pham

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