Teenagers Listen to More Music on YouTube Than Anywhere Else

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A new report from Nielsen on music consumption habits is packed with loads of surprises about the young consumers of the world. In the last year, only 50-percent of teenagers actually bothered to buy a CD. Who knew? But the more significant news is that 64-percent of teens listen to music on YouTube.


It's important to note that these teens aren't looking for new music on YouTube—the video streaming site accounts for only seven-percent of music discovery. That means that all of those teens are using YouTube to pull up songs they already know like a simple, on-demand music service they don't have to pay for. When everything's so easy to find on YouTube, who needs BitTorrent? The recording industry better hope all of those kids are listening on ad-supported Vevo channels, and not bootleg, homemade videos. [Nielson via TechCrunch]



Im 18 years old and currently my itunes is at 2880 songs (16.46gb) and honestly, I've only bought one cd in my entire life. And I bought it digitally on itunes last november >.<. I only bought the album because it's my favorite artist and I wanted to make a statement by actually buying the album vs torrent. In our generation, there just has never been a reason to buy music. By middle school you learn how to get a song for free, and honestly... NOBODY USES CD'S ANYMORE. Me and my friends started making mixed cd's for my friends car after his audio cord broke, but he's the ONLY one with cd's and they only get used in the car. Digital music has been around since we could use computers and its honestly so much more conveniant. Unlimited copies and if a friend doesn't have the song they either copy it from you or go find it online. On youtube honestly yes that is how teens are streaming music NEW & old. If you don't have a song or a new one comes out that you havn't heard, go to youtube and listen to it, then decide if you want to download it. Youtube is the best on demand streaming site for a single song, period. A local hookah bar here takes music demands and they play ALL the music from youtube, same thing at some parties I've been to. Its just how the world works now and its always weird to me that older people are confused by this.