Teeny, Tiny MicroSound iPod Speakers

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As if the iPod needed any more well thought out accessories, the MicroSound enters the fray looking to fill the apparent void in the nano speaker market. MicroSound is the brainchild of Miglia, the same company that makes the TVMax DVR system for the Mac mini. Migilia calls the MicroSound "slim, ultra-light and ultra-modern," which are pretty strong words for a pair of small speakers that—gasp!—integrate with an iPod. Just how small is it, I'm sure you're wondering? The dimensions come in at 2.3x0.7x1.1-inches. Small speakers, just as advertised.


The MicroSound plugs into the headphone jack of the iPod nano (and shuffle), making it "the perfect companion for any outdoor activity." ...So long as that activity lasts about 12 hours, since that's how long the MicroSound will keep playing music on a single AAA battery.

You can grab the MicroSound speakers online for about $30.

Product Page [Miglia via iLounge]

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