Tefal Actifry Fries Up Junk Food With 3% of the Fat

Put more than two pounds of potatoes or any other soon-to-be fried foods in this Tefal Actifry, add a tablespoon of your favorite grease, and it goes to town, spinning those babies around like a washing machine while heating them up with a lot of hot air. The result? Crispy fried foods with only 3% of the fat content of your regular gut busters. Or so say the Tefal spinmeisters.

The company says 70% of people who've tried the Tefal Actifry like its results, but considering that 50% of many fried foods such as potato chips and french fries consist of fat, we have serious doubts about whether this appliance can get the job done without consequences. We're thinking these fried foods coming out of this thing probably taste a whole lot like the results of those hot air popcorn poppers, and eating that stuff is like popping crunchy cotton balls in your mouth.


Available first in Europe, the Actifry is $302. [Tefal]

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I don't know that I get the physics here.

Ironically, the more oil you use in the fryer, the less greasy your food will turn out.

Oil's job in frying is to retain heat. The more oil you have, the more stable your heat will remain. When you put food into the fryer, it heats up & starts cooking pretty much instantly. When it does, its water evaporates and escapes the food, preventing oil from getting in. By using less oil, you're retaining less heat... This allows the food to cool down the oil, and if the oil gets cooler, less water turns to vapor... and the less water turns into vapor, the more grease can enter the food. So, less oil = greasier fries.

Now, this seems to use some kind of convection mechanism instead of frying, so I can't really tell how well it would work. It's not technically a fryer though.