Tell us about your shark encounters!

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We've heard the sensational stories about people beating away attacking sharks with a swim fin. And we've heard from scientists who have had encounters with these misunderstood, noble giants of the sea. But we haven't heard from you! Tell us about your close encounters with sharks.


Here's mine. There was a girl in my school who had been bitten by a shark. She was on the swim team. I believe she'd moved to California from Hawaii, but that could be my imagination embroidering the whole incident. Occasionally, when she was in a swimsuit or when she was in a formal dress, it was possible to to see a semi-circular scar on her lower calf. When asked about it she said, "Oh yeah. I was bitten by a shark."

This is the kind of thing that people say knowing that it's impossible for the person listening not to ask a follow-up question. She was about ten and she wasn't even swimming in the sea. She was wading. A small shark came up to her, bit her on the leg, and then swam away. It basically did the shark equivalent of glitter bombing. As she grew, the small semi-circular scar grew, until it looked like a truly impressive set of jaws chomped into her. I know it must have been a scary thing for a young child, but I always envied her. I thought the scar was quite becoming, and it gave her cocktail party conversation for life. And now I ask if there are any people out there reading io9 that I should also envy. Have any of you had an encounter with a giant of the deep? Or, perhaps, a baby of the shallows?

Let us know in the comments! This week's io9 show will be devoted to the awesomeness of sharks, and we'd love to include your story in the show.

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I used to hand feed them when I volunteered at an aquarium; they'd give me all the most disgusting jobs (like cleaning out the peguin filter) to do there because they knew I'd always come back for the sharks. I got to give an 8 foot lemon shark shots in her tail when she got sick and I had to force feed her a chum milkshake (chumshake?) when she lost her appetite.