Last weekend, those of us who weren't fighting tooth-and-nail for cheap plasma TVs in Walmart were probably relaxing back at our childhood homes. And by relaxing, of course, I mean fixing the Wi-Fi router, updating iTunes, and explaining for the eighth time what 'the cloud' is.

But, naturally, these people are family. Which means that you have to grin, nod along, and agree that yes, Apple did make those menu options too difficult to find, and no, you're right, it doesn't just work. You can't moan and quietly curse, or explain to your great-aunt in so many words that it's not really your problem if they've downloaded the internet's collection of adware onto their groaning netbook.


Still, it's all over now. You're back in internet civilization, among other people who have successfully managed to navigate to this web page. You're safe. So tell us all about it.