We've seen plenty of other Eee PC mods, but an intrepid Norwegian bested everyone by building what appears to be the One Eee to Rule Them All. Not content with only one modification, this Eee modder installed ten add-ons to his diminutive subnotebook including bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and GPS.





Here's the full list:

1&2 - Two USB hubs (which still have two free internal USB ports)

3 - GPS

4 - Bluetooth

5 - SDHC card reader

6 - 4GB flash drive

7 - Power switches for everything

8 - 802.11n wifi card

9 - FM transmitter

10 - Modem


The price for all these mods?

Total 454.38 USD - including shipping to Europe. If you say I could get a much better, powerful, plain old, regular laptop for the same money, I say: What's the fun in that?

Though impressive, none of the ten mods did anything to fix what is arguably the Eee's biggest weakness: screen size. So maybe we should be the ones asking, "what's the fun in that?" [IVC via CLUMPC/Digg]