TenOne Magnus Lightning Review: Handsome iPads Deserve Handsome Stands

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A good iPad stand isn't always easy to come by. The most functional ones don't always look the nicest. The prettiest ones don't always work the best. Can the all-aluminum, magnet-equipped TenOne Magnus bridge that gap?

What Is It?

A stand that uses the built-in magnets of the iPad 2 or iPad New to anchor the device upright.


Who's It For?

At $50, the Magnus is solely for iPad 2/New iPad owners with a serious yearn for good design, quality construction and nice materials.



Sitting as a single slab of aluminum, the Magnus is meant to be nearly invisible when an iPad is attached, giving the tablet the illusion that it's floating.


Using It

Turn the iPad so that the home button is on the right side of the screen, and then place the bottom of the iPad into the groove on the dock. Done.


The Best Part


Tragic Flaw

Leaves marks on your iPad. They wipe off, but still.

This Is Weird...

If you place the stand on a metal surface, it will hold itself, along with the iPad in place. Magnets!


Test Notes

• Used on a desk.

This kid probably approves.

Should You Buy It?

Yes this is a pricey accessory, but it doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality and performance. Plus, if you have a nice desk with other nice things on it, do you really want some ugly plastic stand disrupting your beautiful workspace?


TenOne Magnus

• Materials: Machine-crafted, hand-finished aluminum, neodymium magnets.
• Price: $50
Gizrank: 3.5 stars