Tesla Jacks Up Prices On Customers Who Already Ordered a Roadster

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Not that an extra $9,300 really matters with a $100,000 car, but Telsa jacking up the prices on customers that have already locked in their Roadster orders is just plain shady.

Tesla basically "unlocked" the prices of their electric vehicle options, forcing customers to re-select or lose their spot in line. All-in-all, the price of a fully loaded Roadster has increased by the aforementioned $9,300—so it is either pony up or deal with a car equipped with less features.


According to Tesla, the reason behind the price increase was to make the car's margins appear healthy to the next round of investors, and in order to do that, making the move now was unavoidable. With all of the negativity surrounding the company, you would think that investors and customers would shy away—but according to the company not one of the 600 people on the delivery list have requested a refund so far. [Saxton via Jalopnik]

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I think back on the DeLoreon, which in today's dollars was in Tesla pricing territory. If I had the money for that car at the time, I would have paid an additional 10% with a mild grumble of annoyance. It is not just exclusivity, but it is having a car that is a piece of automotive history. These cars will go up in value as time goes on. Yes, signing a contract and getting the price raised is ridiculous - I will not argue that. But, it wouldn't change my mind on the purchase even if I would give them poor marks on a customer service survey.