Tesla's Model 3 Preorder Numbers Are Way Bigger Than Anyone Expected

Concept art for the Model 3
Concept art for the Model 3

Given that people camped out in line for a chance to pay a deposit on the Model 3, a car they won’t see for at least a year, it’s no surprise that the pre-order numbers are big. But 276,000 pre-orders in 72 hours is still a shockingly high number.


Mathematically, 276,000 is going to be good for Tesla’s bottom line: it means $276 million in the bank from deposits alone, and demand that will keep Tesla’s factories busy for years to come. It’s also far more than analysts anticipated: a Time survey said that conventional wisdom was on 55,000 pre-orders in the first 72 hours.

Tesla’s stock price has reacted accordingly, and was up to its highest level in the last six months on Friday, before Musk revealed the most recent pre-order numbers.

But the high level of demand could create problems for the company. Tesla has only ever made 100,000 cars, and its factories are scaled for a much lower level of production. Some estimates have cars that are being pre-ordered now being delivered in 2020.


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I kind of suspect that there are a lot of scalpers in line who have the goal of selling their car before it is delivered.