Teste Touch: Deez Nuts Are Made for Ticklin'

The Teste Touch, a humongous pair of testicles swinging from the ceiling, were a big hit at NYU's ITP showcase tonight. As you can see in the video, the nuts are designed to reflect a real scrotum, expanding and contracting based on the outside environment.

The Teste Touch's built-in temperature sensor lets it respond to heat like real testicles; when it's cold, the balls shrivel up like George Costanza's, and when it's warm, they look like something you'd find in a JCC steam room. When tickled or touched, the sac moves and giggles, and while this may not be totally accurate, it is entertaining.


Jason Krugman, Stella Kim, and Ben Chao, the three students who masterminded the whimsical Teste Touch, kept it pube-free on purpose; they wanted the balls to be friendly and huggable, and not, you know, gross or anything.

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The only practical application I can think of for this is to hang them in a womans self defense classroom for the ladies to aim their kicks at.

Sorry to all of you guys out there cringing right now.