Thank God They're Finally Dressing Fujifilm's Awesome X100S in Black

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Fujifilm's X100S is a seriously awesome $1300 fixed-lens camera with professional grade guts in a compact body. It's perfect for a street photography. You know what sucks when you're a street photographer? Shiny silver cameras that make taking candid shots difficult. Which is why I am positively stoked that they're making this sleek little baby in black now.

In a way, it's understandable that camera manufacturers want to dress up their cameras in fancy vintage bodies that look like the steel cameras of yore. Or the trend of making DSLR bodies in hues like pink and red that are better suited to lipstick than cameras. If you want to make a volume seller product, you better make it a product that people who aren't necessarily serious photogs are going to want to drop their dollars on. And sometimes, that means aesthetic considerations rather than practical ones. But for the love of everything beautiful, always make the cameras in black top, please! That way those of us who care to blend into the the crowd can.