What do the heroes of the Marvel Universe really want for Christmas? Find out as the Mad Titan himself takes on the mantle of Santa Claus in this neat little animated short from Marvel.


I'm a sucker for companies that use their own action figures for goofy little animated shorts - I had no idea Marvel had been doing this for 38 episodes already! - but this festive special is pretty great, mashing together the delight that is Thanos trying to be festive while the likes of Spidey, Cap and Thor sit on his lap and read off their Christmas wishlists, as well as what might just happen when the real Santa pays a visit to Attilan, a city with no chimneys. The result is unpleasant, to say the least!

It's a little late for Christmas 2014, but I really hope the Marvel Legends line gets Santa Thanos as a variant at some point.


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