Remember that wonderful Arkham Asylum Joker statue from a few weeks ago? Now the clown prince of crime has an opponent to go up against. Or well, considering they’re just statues, have the world’s longest staring contest with.


Just as the Joker borrowed his look from the first game in the Arkham video game series, Batman too adopts the less armoured, more modern-take-on-spandex style of suit from the same game. Unlike Joker however, who was decked out in a wonderfully tailored material suit, Batman’s only real material addition is the cloth cape, which is kind of pushing the extent of the difference between a normal statue and Sideshow’s “premium” range.

Other than price point of course! That’s still in tact.

The only other major addition to the statue is an alternate hand that can grip a Batarang instead of merely being ready to punch the Joker’s face in. If you order from Sideshow, you’ll even get a second extra hand holding three Batarangs to swap in, too. Batarangs for all!


The statue will be made available for preorder later today on Sideshow’s website, but for a price that would make even Bruce Wayne falter at first: Batman will set you back a whopping $470 ahead of its release later this year.


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