Remember moments ago when we told you about the Chinese company with the balls to finally build a PlayStation Phone? Or a crazy Android phone with joysticks and a glasses-free 3D screen, anyhow? Well, that same Snail Games is building a game console as well.

The OBox is an Android 4.4 game console with an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a modular design which makes it more like a mini desktop PC than your traditional game console. The company says you can drop a PC hard drive right in to expand the storage, and even replace the CPU and GPU at some point down the road. No idea how they pull that off: last we saw, mobile processors like the Tegra K1 weren't terribly interchangeable.

Not likely we'll ever see this one in the United States, but the company hopes so. Snail says it'll disclose launch plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this June.


You can't see it, but this box has *three* HDMI ports... in case you want to hack it to be a crazy video-capturing home media server or something in the future.

The top pulls right open to expose the guts, including a ready hard drive bay and the fan assembly over the silicon.


And of course, it comes with a knockoff Xbox 360 controller. Except this one uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to double as an air mouse.

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