That Glorious 4K Remaster of The Shining Is Getting a Wide (But Brief) Theatrical Release

Scenes like this will surely be even scarier in 4K.
Scenes like this will surely be even scarier in 4K.
Image: Warner Bros.

Tucked amid this year’s Cannes Film Festival program of acclaimed international titles was one much-beloved horror classic, presented in a luscious remaster. The Shining’s 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is arriving soon, but even better, The Shining in 4K is very likely coming to a theater near you, too.


Not-coincidentally timed to preface the release of Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel novel, Doctor Sleep, on November 8, the 4K remaster of The Shining hits theaters for a wider release (after what appear to have been just a few sprinkled screenings here and there around the time of its Cannes premiere) on September 26 and October 1, according to Bloody Disgusting. (October 1 is also the release date for the 4K Blu-ray.)

Though the new Shining home release doesn’t contain any previously unseen material among its special features, it’ll no doubt be a treat to see the Overlook Hotel carpet popping off your TV in crisp, painstakingly remastered majesty.

But the real special event will be getting the chance to see things like the nuances of Jack Torrance’s spectacular breakdown, the artwork on the walls at Dick Halloran’s winter home in Florida, the horrifying reveal of the lady in the bathtub, Danny Torrance’s Apollo sweater, and other less-noticed details (maybe enough to spark a Room 237 sequel?) on the big screen in Ultra HD 4K. Even notorious perfectionist Stanley Kubrick would probably be excited for that!

You can check to find showtimes here.


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As long as they don’t re-release The Exocist I’m good. That’s the one horror movie that gave me nightmares for weeks after I watched it for the first and only time. Event Horizon is the only other movie to mess me up like that.