That Noise Might Be a 40-Foot Sinkhole Opening Under Your Bed

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The world is trying to swallow Guatemala, one terrifying sinkhole at a time. The latest occurrence woke 65-year-old Inocenta Hernandez, making her think there'd been a car crash outside. There wasn't. The sound was a 40-foot chasm opening directly under her bed.


About a million things are terrifying about this. A few feet to the side and poor Inocenta might have plunged into the sinkhole as she stepped out of bed. A few feet wider and it could have swallowed her whole bed. Or just the fact that in Guatemala, you could be walking down the street or eating at a nice restaurant one moment and find yourself devoured by the earth the next.

Guatemala has an alarming history of sinkholes, the most incredible in recent memory being a 100-foot-deep, 60-foot diameter Hellmouth in May of last year. [KTLA via Fark]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm always surprised how perfectly circular they are and the walls are always 90 degrees like it was stamped out by a cookie cutter.