Is this Hillary Clinton posing for a photo in front of the Confederate flag? Nope. It’s a fake. Well, at least the flag part is. The original photo comes from her time at Wellesley College and doesn’t have the flag.


Noted conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza tweeted the fake photo earlier today, which helped it go viral in some circles. [Update: D’Souza has acknowledged it’s a fake by tweeting, “CORRECTION: Disregard the photoshopped Confederate flag in the background of the Hillary photo and simply focus on those glasses and hairdo”]

Are there other photos of Hillary Clinton with a Confederate flag? Possibly. But don’t get fooled by this one.

And as for all those campaign buttons of the Clintons featuring the Confederate flag? Some skepticism is probably needed there, too. Historically, many campaign buttons are unofficially produced by supporters and not endorsed by the campaign in question.


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