Hanging out in the backyard is a lot less appealing when the sun sets midday and the temperature dips down (and down, and down) not long after—sometimes, all the woolly layers in the world just won't thaw you out. This is the season when it's fun to hole up in your apartment, layer on the comfy gear, and hibernate until it's time to face the world again, but San Francisco-based Galanter & Jones came up with Helios, a furniture collection designed to prolong your al fresco hang into the winter months.

Each of their cast-stone sofas are radiantly heated—like a solid electric blanket for your butt—and switch on with the push of a button.


The Eames-y design influence is clear, from the simple shell down to the criss-crossing steel base, and the whole concept—modern design for temperate outdoor living—feels very coastal California. Which makes sense, because these probably wouldn't be quite so nice to sidle onto if they were covered in multiple feet of snow. They're purdy, but pricey—you can check out the entire line, and order, here. [Galanter & Jones]