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The $50 Wolfram Alpha iPhone App Is $2 Because Now They Want People to Actually Buy It

Illustration for article titled The $50 Wolfram Alpha iPhone App Is $2 Because Now They Want People to Actually Buy It

Wolfram Alpha has decided it'd be good if people actually use the supercalculator on their phone, so its famously $50 iPhone (and soon to be iPad) app will be $2. And, they're legitimately making the mobile site better.


Oh, burn, early adopters suckers. Except! They'll give your money back to anybody "who feels slighted." Despite their righteous early stand for the value of iPhone apps, and charging what they felt was the "value of this product," according to Wolfram Managing Director Barak Berkowitz—a point they say they've proven, so now it's time to focus on accessibility—they're practically begging for people who actually paid full price to get their money back with the quippy URL (Apple will still keep the 30 percent cut of the revenue from every returned app, so this will actually cost WA money.)


Potentially pissing off their earliest customers is kind of a ballsy way to go about their new goal of becoming more ubiquitous, but hey, maybe it'll work. At $2 for a universal app that'll work on both the iPhone and iPad, it's worth the money now, so that's a pretty good start. [iTunes, Wolfram Alpha]

Update: The price is going to $2 on Saturday with the new iPad app, edited post to reflect that.

Update 2:: Okay, it's 2 bucks right now.

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