The 8 Craziest New Internet Domains Companies Want

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Not content with the current, perfectly functional system of dot coms and dot orgs, ICANN just allowed 2,000 applications for new top level domains for corporations. Get ready for!

The proposals, which cost each company $185,000 apiece, are subject to public comment and review by ICANN. Eventually, companies that owned these new domains would be able to generate cash selling them. Many are generic—".web" or ".app". Others are just companies scrambling to snatch up their namesakes, like ".apple" or ".sony"—though we can't imagine ever going anywhere but unless we were forced to.

The rest, however, are just downright bizarre:

.ACCOUNTANTS sure does not sound boring.


.ALLFINANZBERATUNG would be great if you want to lend your website a little Deutsch flair.


.ANDROID was, for some reason, requested by a Google subsidiary called the "Charleston Road Registry," which also wants ".DAD" and ".LOVE". Aww. Maybe the new domain for YouTube will be Movies.Dad.

.CASHBACKBONUS sounds like it'll be the home to many sites that end up scamming 80-year-olds out of their savings.

Intel requested .ULTRABOOK of course, but we think they should've gone with .UNICORN, which is also in contention.

You can read the entire list here. Now pardon me while I begin to wait for http://sambiddle.africamagic, which is easily the both zaniest and coolest possible web domain imaginable.


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This may only be because I'm web savvy, but I'm not a fan of people trying to use top level domains in the sense of advertising. I like that the *.* is Owner.SiteType. I was a fan of .xxx, as it tells me exactly what the site is. I do not like .net because people seem to use it as a cop out for when their .com is taken. .org, great. .edu, great. .ultrabook? What? What does that even mean? How would you use that without sounding stupid? I recognize that URLs are featured prominently in advertising these days, but *.cashbackbonus will make your URL much harder to remember, and therefore will drive traffic away. And if you're talking about web discovery through Google and the like, the URL is basically transparent anyway so what's the point?

TL;DR this is dumb and I really hope ICANN only approves ones that within the tld theory.