The A-1 Best Cyber Monday Deal of the Day—and Possibly the Best Deal of Year

Looking for all the Cyber Monday deals? We've got you covered, but how about the best deal—that serendipitous confluence of price and product that makes fools of all the poor suckers who diddled around for hours on Black Friday to get half the bang for a few more bucks? Got that right here for ya, too.


Paul's TV—through—has a 40" Samsung LED Home Theater bundle for $999 (briefly $970) that sort of defies logic and economic theory and I'm pretty sure the fundamental laws of the physical universe. Here's the rundown: A 40" 1080p LED 120Hz SmartTV ($1200), with a Blu-ray home theater system ($400), and slim-profile wall mount ($200). That's $1800—almost half-off and way within the I-bought-this-while-drunk-please-forgive-me territory. And Samsung's Smart TV line is totally, incredibly gorgeous. Just buy it. It's great—even by Cyber Monday standards. Buy it now and stop reading the words that I'm writing. Seriously—go away. Go away and buy this thing. []

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