The Aereo Ruling Is Already Being Used Against Other Smart TV Tech

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Just two days ago the Supreme Court killed Aereo by ruling that its streaming television service was breaking the law. The Guardian reports that Fox wasted no time in citing the ruling to support its claims that Dish's awesome watch anywhere tech violates its copyright.

As with most Supreme Court cases the implications for the entire industry, and unsurprisingly, it's already being used to buoy Fox's claims in a pending case against Dish that's set to be argued at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals next month. Dish's Hopper DVR has long been the source of ire for broadcasters and networks because it allows you to record your favorite prime time shows and then skip over all the ads automatically. It's awesome technology for consumers, but it's bad for network bottom lines. The current spat between Dish and Fox centers around the Dish Anywhere app that lets you pull content from your Hopper onto your tablet through the cloud.


The case actually centers around a similar issue as the ABC v. Aereo in that Fox believes a cloud DVR service constitutes and illegal retransmission of their copyrighted work. Using the Aereo case as precedent could really help Fox, and sadly, could be used to kill another consumer-friendly technology. [The Guardian]