The American Version Of "Being Human" Will Have A Touch Of "Supernatural"

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While the BBC preps the second season of its monster drama Being Human, the Syfy channel hires a Supernatural scribe to write their American remake. Does this mean Syfy's Being Human might actually be as clever as the original?

Being Human, a drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in a flat in Bristol is a perfect combination of witty writing, interesting drama and world-building - and most importantly, a dynamite cast with excellent chemistry.

When we heard Syfy was making their own Being Human copy at series, we weren't exactly pleased. But recent news that Supernatural writer Jeremy Carver and Anna Frickle (from the under appreciated Privileged series) were taking on Syfy's version fills us with hope. Supernatural's timely and cutting humor, mixed with dark drama, is exactly the kind of balance Being Human strikes every week.


But for now, we encourage you to check out the original series on BBC. Here are a few behind the scenes clips and trailers for the brand new season out this month.

Being Human Season 2 Trailer


Behind The Scenes Being Human Season 2


[via The Futon Critic]