Semi-Charmed Life, Third Eye Blind's meth-addled anthem of the 90s, came out 17 years ago last week. And for me, that has meant 17 years of playing the song to death—over, and over, and over again. Thankfully, North Carolina-based singer/songwriter Jackson Scott (the patriotic off-brand-Nerf-enthusiast you see above) has the cure to what ails me and (most likely) far too many of you.


Scott's cover of the song is a far cry from the original, and while TEB's version is great (don't you dare say otherwise), that is a very, very good thing. The grungey, lo-fi cover is slow, dark, and far more reflective of what's going on in the lyrics than even the original itself. The spirit of Third Eye Blind's version is in tact, but it feels like a whole other song altogether. Trust me—your ears and friends will thank you. [SoundCloud]