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The Arrow-Shooting Slingshot: Y'Know, (DEFINITELY NOT) For Kids!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We usually think of slingshots as the weapon of choice for precocious little kids, but in the right hands they can be deadly. Especially when they're designed to fire actual hunting arrows like the Survival Slingshot that lets you take down prey larger than sparrows and squirrels.

The ring you see mounted atop is known as a whisker biscuit, and features inward-pointing bristles that help guide and steady an arrow as it's launched. It can be removed, however, for firing more traditional slingshot ammo like metal ball bearings.


The $140 Survival Slingshot also comes equipped with a flashlight if you find yourself lacking dinner when the sun sets, or are just hunting for an animal that only comes out at night. It doesn't seem like the safest thing to use when visibility is limited, but with a waterproof hollow handle that's accessible for storage, maybe you can bring along an emergency flare to light up the night. [Survival Slingshot via Uncrate]