In 1983, the failing Atari video game company allegedly dumped millions of unsold E.T. the Extra Terrestrial cartridges in a New Mexico landfill. Ever since, game nostalgists have tried to track them down. Today, screenwriter Zak Penn's documentary crew begin digging, and our friends at Wired got a sneak peek at the excavation.

Update: They found them! Check out Kotaku's coverage to see exactly what they unearthed.

Who knows what the team will find. As Joe Lewandowski, the dig site organizer, points out, they're searching for a relatively small deposit within a huge landfill that's otherwise composed of basic trash, and they can't just go poking around wherever they want. So they're working on a best-guess area.


Will the cartridges be intact? Will they be recognizable? Will they be completely destroyed by the effects of being underground for 30-plus years? Will they even find anything? We'll just have to wait and see. That silence you hear is old-school game aficionados holding their breath. [Wired]

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