The Australian Government Wants to Cull 2-Million Feral Cats by 2020

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In addition, the government hopes to create new safe havens for endangered native animals in an effort to protect 20 mammal, 20 bird, and 30 plant species.


Top image: Feral cats in Australia can get big. Like really big. (Credit: Jake Weigl /NT News)

To make its recently unveiled Threatened Species Strategy (PDF) work, the Australian government says it’s going to take a “science-based approach” in order to “ensure the actions we choose are the ones most likely to succeed.”

It’s an effort to protect Australia’ unique, but exceptionally fragile, natural heritage.

“More than 80 per cent of our mammals and 90 per cent of our trees, ferns and shrubs occur nowhere else on earth,” noted the Australian government in a statement. “But since European settlement, in just over 200 years, over 130 of Australia’s known species have become extinct, lost to us and to the world forever. The list of those threatened with extinction continues to grow. Australia’s threatened species are ours to protect and we all have a role to play.”

Key action areas of the strategy include:

  • Tackling feral cats
  • Safe havens for species most at risk
  • Improving habitat
  • Emergency intervention to avert extinctions

The five year plan includes measurable targets from one year onwards, and will be reported on and updated annually. These measurable key targets include:

  • 2 million feral cats culled by 2020
  • 20 threatened mammals improving by 2020
  • 20 threatened birds improving by 2020
  • Protecting Australia’s plants
  • Improving recovery guidance

Some $6.6 million has been allocated to the action plan, which isn’t very much. The vast majority of these funds will go do feral cat eradication. No mention was given as to whether dingoes will be introduced — a strategy that was recently proposed by conservationists in Australia.


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I cannot seem to get through to my local community that do-gooders who spay/neuter and then RELEASE cats back into the wild are contributing to the destruction of native birds and mammals. They THINK they are all such wonderful people for caring about cats, while “evil” (yes, I was called that) people like me only want to “murder” innocent cats. Ultimately, only feral pets and food animals (chickens, pigs, etc.) will survive this world. Humanity will ensure, one way or another, that all other animals are wiped out. I hate to sound defeatist, but that’s my conclusion.