The Beautiful Beach Chairs You'll Want To Take Everywhere

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It's an absolutely gorgeous spring afternoon here in New York. The sun is shining, it's not too hot, and there's a slight breeze—the perfect recipe for a rooftop party. But you're going to need a place to lounge, and this set from Aether is a sleek, portable solution.

For $500, you get two chairs and a table. Made out of reclaimed materials, they fold up so you can stash them in the accompanying tote bag or in the bag of your car. With the classic wood-slatted look, they connote your childhood trips to the shore. But the black finish gives them a stylish twist, and they're a lot better looking than a dinky plastic chaise you might buy at the grocery store. The set is sturdy enough to cart around all season. You'll definitely be using these at the pool, at the beach, and just about anywhere you want to catch some rays. [Uncrate]