The Best Idea For A New Star Wars Movie We've Heard In Ages

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Star Wars has had 40 years to build up countless sequels, imitations, spin-off series, games, novels, comics, you name it. But this idea for a new standalone movie could be the best — and most far-reaching one — we've seen yet.


In response to the news thatFelicity Jones had been confirmed to star in the new upcoming Star Wars spin-off movie, we were speculating about the rumored plot of that film. And one commenter shared his own idea for a movie: An 800-year epic space opera pinned to the life of Yoda.

Yes, commenters, this is the spin-off we've been looking for:

John Cooley

Just had the weirdest/coolest idea for a Star Wars spinoff this morning. Normally I'd hate to ruin the mystery of a character like Yoda, but what if you used him as an opportunity to do an epic space opera/character piece that spans his entire 800 year lifespan? You could see society evolve and devolve, people Yoda knows grow up and die around him, and the institution he belongs to go from a proud faction of warrior Knights to the inept monks we see in the PT, and Yoda gets to observe all of it. That's some freaking compelling stuff right there. Get a really artsy director to make it. I'm thinking like PTA's There Will Be Blood.

Other commenters went on to start sketching out the particulars of that movie:


Yoda as a bitter alcoholic has-been, sitting in his swamp hut distilling moonshine and wondering where it all went so wrong, told in flashback. At the end of the movie sound of a ship crashing through the trees and splashing into the swamp.

"Old too much am I, for this shit," says Yoda, as he watches the young pilot salvage his gear and sit talking to his R2 unit.


Have your own scenes or dialogue that you would want to include in this epic space opera? Share them with us now in the comments.