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The Best Mars Landing Video, Period

I've seen interpolated videos of the historic Mars Curiosity's landing before, but this one truly left me in awe. It was painstakingly made during a period of four weeks. It's truly feels like being aboard the ship.


According to producer Bard Canning, it was "a labor of love." Canning worked on this frame by frame, enhancing detail and color correcting the original NASA high resolution material. He interpolated the frames from four to 30 frames per second. The video is in real time. No speed ups or slow downs.

If you enjoyed it, perhaps you can send some money to help Bard's future works.

Watch it compared side to side to the original:

Canning also made this 8-bit version, which looks from a 90s video game:

Last August, the Mars Curiosity rover landed successfully on Gale Crater, after months of interplanetary travel. Every instrument works fine so far and, since then, it has successfully completed every task. Right not, it's slowly moving to a new location.


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The best MOON landing video is the one starring Bugs Bunny.