You've probably never heard of The Thing With Two Heads—much less actually seen it. In which case, believe me, you have not lived.

The premise is relatable enough—your impending death prompts you to develop a wildly unprecedented technique for transplanting your head onto another human's body so you can ultimately take over that body's entire nervous system in a month's time. A universal plight, really. But wait—what happens when you transplant the head of an old, raging white racist onto a black man's body? Hijinks, my friends. So many hijinks.


A solid 45 minutes (ed note: I just looked and it was actually 15 minutes but it felt like a lifetime) of the movie takes place on that motorcycle you see above. A motorcycle they climb onto, might I add, mere hours after undergoing head transplant surgery. And how does one perform head transplant surgery?

I'm glad you asked.


As you can see, it's best not to ask questions—gift horse, etc. what have you. Enjoy.

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