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The Best Way To Charge Your iPhone 7 and Use Wired Headphones Is a Giant $40 Dongle

Illustration for article titled The Best Way To Charge Your iPhone 7 iand/i Use Wired Headphones Is a Giant $40 Dongleem/em

Upgrading to the iPhone 7 and lack wireless headphones? Say hello to your new reality. Belkin appears to be the first accessory maker with a Lightning dongle that lets you attach a pair of Lightning connector headphones and a charging cable at the same time. Sigh.


Available starting October 10 for $40, the adapter also works with Apple’s Lightning to 3.5-millimeter headphone adapter if you haven’t upgraded your headphones yet, and don’t want to use the ones Apple is bundling with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And don’t think about halving your charging times by plugging two power adapters into this dongle at once, it only accepts a single power source—boo.

[Belkin via Apple Insider]

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I really have to wonder what companies like Square will do since we rely on the headphone jack to swipe our credit cards. Maybe they’ll just wave the fee for manually entering the numbers.

I have no idea what Apple was thinking here. I love their devices but this was an odd and disappointing design decision.