The Bizarre Game of Thrones Tribute From Last Night's Supernatural

The opening shot of last night's Supernatural episode was the funniest part, as we discovered that a taxidermist has created a whole Game of Thrones tribute, out of woodland creatures. This was the second time in a row the show has made a Thrones joke — insecure much? As for the rest of the episode... it had its moments.


Spoilers ahead!

Specifically, here are those moments:

This was the one funny part of the whole "Dr. Doolittle Dean Winchester" storyline and its attendant "Dean is acting like a dog" storyline.

This was the second week in a row that Supernatural served up a gimmick episode, after last week's Wizard of Oz romp. And while the Oz outing at least offered some thrills, like a tough biker Dorothy and a few cute Charlie moments, this one felt a bit thin on the ground. The "Dean can talk to animals and is turning into a dog" schtick is pretty hilarious for about five minutes, and then starts to flag, as we visit an animal shelter and hear a selection of funny animal voices, until the whole thing starts to feel like a pastiche of the Buddies movies.

In the end, we find out that the animalistic monster guy with the cowboy hat who's killed two people while nabbing animal bits is actually a human who's doing some kind of shamanic magic thing, to steal animal powers yadda yadda. He witnesses Sam's amazing Angel healing ability, thanks to Zeke still being in Sam's body, and decides to eat Sam to get his powers and cure his cancer, once and for all.

The "Dean talks to animals" schtick barely features in the final third of the episode, except that Dean whistles and a bunch of dogs from the animal shelter come to kill the bad guy. It's a pretty forgettable outing in general, except that it's the first time the boys have gone on a random hunt in ages, and the final moments show Dean starting to realize that what he's saying about the creep of the week — that he might be unable to control the thing that's possessing him — could also be true of Sam, with the Angel Ezekiel inside him.

As Dean says earlier in the episode, "Ruh roh."




It was nice of them to put most of my favourite bits in the "Previously on Supernatural" bit. :)