The Blood and Awesomeness-Soaked Trailer that Conan DESERVES! [NSFW]

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Come on, we've got a hard R new Conan film coming out with plenty of red band footage online. Did you think I wasn't going to do a trailer?

Alright, so obviously I grew up with the fun, if not slightly flawed, Arnold movies. BUT, as I grew older I did find the Robert E Howard stuff, but truth be told, the old Marvel Savage Sword of Conan was where it was at. I would pick up reprints and collections from my local comic store who was more or less giving them away and gawk at the blood, the limb hacking and yes, the glorious drawn nudity. It was a welcome change from the umpteenth variation on X-Men that Lee or Liefeld was putting out at the time.


So, now we have what could possibly, hopefully, be a more faithful adaptation of Conan. Time will tell. But as always, in my supreme arrogance, I felt that the new Conan trailers needed just a little more umph. This is my ever so subtle attempt at that umph. Please to enjoy. (btw, ManoThor is still pending, I'm on the hunt for some more footage)

And if you're at all curious about part of the process of these trailers, I can now share playlists that are my music hunt on Spotify which is an excellent resource for that kind of thing. Conan The Barbarian Playlist.


As always this is Garrison Dean saying, crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and pay close attention to the lamentations of your women.