The "Blueberries" You're Eating Might Be Made Out of Chemicals

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Blueberries! They're good for you! High in antioxidants! Delicious! Except when they're made out of "sugar, corn syrup, starch, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors and artificial food dye blue No. 2 and red No. 40," as found in a new report.


The investigation, conducted by NaturalNewsTV, reveals the truth staring you in the face from the back of that box of "blueberry" muffins (or bagels, or bread, or scones, or many, many others). The blueberries, simply, aren't. They're made of wacky sounding concoctions like "blueberry bits," which, contrary to their title, are not blueberries. Not even bits of them. Sometimes a product maintains some tenuous connection to blueberry honesty with a "dash of blueberry puree concentrate." Sometimes there's just zero trace of blueberries at all.

Fake blueberry-ness is okay in, say, Skittles, or a popsicle. But not muffins in a box adorned with giant photos of blueberries. Next time you hit the grocery aisle, read the back of the package. Or, just buy actual blueberries—if you squeeze them and they don't burst into a puddle of partially hydrogenated soybean oil and dye, odds are you're safe. [NaturalNews.TV via LA Times]

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Used to use blueberry crystals and blueberry extract in our bagel recipe.

Not a single trace of blueberry. 15 years we owned our stores, no one figured it out.

Can't use real blueberries in a hi-gluten dough that tough. The blueberries would have been tuned into blueberry juice.

If it wasn't for these, the blueberry bagel wouldn't exist.