The BlueDrone R/C Racer Is Probably the Closest You'll Ever Get to Driving a GT-R

The 2012 Nissan GT-R is a $90,000, 530Hp street rocket. The BlueDrone R/C car... not so much. But at least it'll hurt less when you wrap it around a tree.

The BlueDrone is an R/C car that pairs with any Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It runs a custom control app and commands are input either through the touch screen or with the accelerometer if you enjoy swinging your phone wildly about. The car itself runs on three AAA batteries, has a range of 30' from your phone, and lasts for about three hours. A $60 donation to the Kickstarter project will net you a BlueDrone (assuming they raise the rest of the $200k start-up cost by August 14).


[Kickstarter - Techcrunch]

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