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The Boys Gets Wet, Wild, and Disgusting in a Season 2 Clip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Chace Crawford as the Deep, an idiot who can breathe under water.
Chace Crawford as the Deep, an idiot who can breathe under water.
Image: Amazon

The first trailer for The Boys’ second season was an unsubtle reminder of how the series is every bit as gory and stomach-churning as the Dynamite comics it’s based on. The latest footage from the show to come out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con doubles down on that reality with a little help from the Deep, The Boys’ one-man send-up of all things awful about Aquaman and the sea.

We’ll have more from the panel itself below but the big news is—The Boys has been renewed for season three at Amazon! Take a look at the first season two clip that premiered at SDCC:

It’s difficult to tell just what exactly is happening between the Boys and the Deep in the new season two footage other than the fact that both parties are racing one another as they make their way to a nearby island. With the Seven actively looking to get revenge against the Boys, it makes sense that the Deep would take it upon himself to stop them singlehandedly, even though he—as a water-breathing fish-whisperer—doesn’t exactly have the range to do so.


In the Deep’s defense, he does make a valiant effort to get in the Boys’ way and give them grief, but leave it to The Boys to make clear that superheroes whose main powers are convincing marine life to do their bidding can only do but so much against opponents in a speedboat who are willing to fight dirty.

As for what to expect in season two, showrunner Eric Kripke reiterates more of what you already know if you watched last season’s finale, which is that the Boys are “totally screwed.”


“Everyone is in a really tight spot,” he said. “Homelander is increasingly out of control. He is making Vought a scarier place and Starlight is trapped in this living nightmare. Everyone is pushed to the limits.”

Butcher’s limits will be especially tested, teased Karl Urban. “How much is Butcher willing to sacrifice?” he said. “If season one was Butcher focused on blind revenge for the death of his wife, season two is about saving her.”


And the object of Butcher’s rage, Homelander, will be dealing with the aftermath of discovering his life is a lie. “Season one was very external and season two is very internal,” said Antony Starr. “The strongest physical man on the show is the weakest emotionally, in my opinion.”

The cast also teased an interesting pair up: Butcher and Starlight, who’ll be forced to “adapt to the dark world that she’s become exposed to,” according to Erin Moriarty.


As for resident douchebag the Deep, Chace Crawford teased “someone joins him from his past.” Unfortunately, the cast’s lips were sealed on Aya Cash’s brand new character, Stormfront.

The Boys’ second season hits Amazon on September 4.


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