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The Brilliant Glassblowers Who Are Crafting Tomorrow's Bongs

Whether you agree with the practice or not, cannabis culture in America has quickly outgrown its Summer of Love stigma and gone mainstream. And with that normalization has come an insatiable demand for upscale smoking apparatuses—a demand being met by a new generation of uncannily talented glass blowers from around the country and around the world. But it hasn't always been this easy.


Degenerate Art is a fantastic 2012 documentary detailing the current state of the American glassware industry while simultaneously recounting its advent in the early 1960s and speculating on the movement's future. It features scores of interviews with some of the best blowers in the business who all seem more than happy to share their passion for the craft—and more than a few stories of police harassment. So if you've ever wondered where your glassware comes from—and the risks taken in making it—check it out on Netflix or pick it up on iTunes tonight.

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That's not glass blowing. At one point it looked like someone did a little glass blowing, but most is flame work. Glass blowing involves a human blowing air into a bubble of glass at the end of a pipe. Flame work is that artistic bullshit that turns a blown piece of glass into the trash in the video, pretty though it might be. Flameworkers do great things, as do glass blowers, but these guys are making bongs. Maybe it's art, but it's art for potheads.