The Clasp On This Colorful Watch Is Built Right Into the Face

With its new Sond line of watches, Void has come up with a clever alternative to traditional watch bands that usually has two straps united by a clasp on the underside of your wrist. By integrating the locking mechanism into the watch's body, a single nylon band is all that's needed here.

The design—a single piece of injection molded plastic—also means that it's easy to customize the strap to any wrist size. You just put it on, run the nylon band around your wrist, pass it through the locking mechanism, and them trim off the excess for a perfect fit.


An included silicon band helps keep the extra flap of nylon in check while the watch is worn, and all three components can be ordered in a variety of different colors—letting you customize the $95 watch in over 500 color combinations. Plus, it tells time with a negative LCD display and is waterproof to almost 100 feet. [Void via Uncrate]

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