The Cabal Attacks On Avengers Assemble And A Nod to Heinlein On Hulk

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This week in the world of cartoons we take a look at another great episode of Rick and Morty, the return of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., and a bizarre Christian Slater appearance on Archer.


As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Rick and Morty - "Something Ricked This Way Comes"

Summer takes a job at Needful Things, and well...her boss is a little odd. Rick sees through the Stephen King nods and sets out to reverse the negative effects in his wares. One of the best lines in the series thus far is at the end of this clip. The language in episode might be NSFW for some, so grab earmuffs for the sensitive.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. - "Stranger in a Strange Land"

Hulk goes Heinlein this week when Doctor Strange takes A-Bomb under his wing. Will A-Bomb be able to hold his own when the dreaded Dormammu and Marvel vs. Capcom standout Shuma-Gorath attack? This version of Doctor Strange looks like a member of Metalocalypse, which might turn out to be an improvement.

Archer - "On the Carpet"

Malory holds court this week, lording over the tales of a country album photo gone risque and Archer handing drugs over to Christian Slater. One of the standout episodes of a great season. Language in this clip may be NSFW.


Teen Titans Go! - "Missing"

Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy are out on the town, extolling the joys of poverty. That doesn't last long, as the trio soon learn the Killer Moth is offering a cash reward for the unofficial mascot of the Teen Titans, Silkie.


Avengers Assemble- "By the Numbers"

The Cabal (a super-villain's take on the Avengers featuring Red Skull, Attuma, Hyperion, M.O.D.O.K., Dracula, and Super-Adaptoid) ambushes the Avengers this week. By the looks of this clip, Falcon is in trouble.


Top image is courtesy of DisneyXD/Marvel.



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